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Acting Reels

Comedic and theatrical reel


Paige's Show & Tell

Paige's Show & Tell is a comedy series created by Paige Elson featuring candid interviews from her peers and comedy sketches ranging from the topical to the trivial. You will meet a crazy cast of characters and gain insight to different experiences through the combined medium of interviews and sketch comedy. Watch all three episodes here.


Abbott Elementary Project

Janine gets jealous when a new substitute teacher has a connection with Gregory - a pitch project
Written and Directed by Paige Elson

Drunk Girl Therapist Short

When Lena is brought by her friend Gracie to a therapist with very unorthodox methods, she must overcome her skepticism if she wants to have a breakthrough... in the club.

Written by Paige Elson


This is a Moment Podcast

The podcast where Paige Elson and Imia Hawkins discuss their favorite moments in pop culture. If you love TV, movies, music, and geeking out over your favorite celebrities, then come join our party!

Listen here

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