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Nickelodeon’s Annual Writing and Artist Programs Announce 12 New Participants

Nickelodeon Welcomes Writing & Artist Programs Class of 2023

Meet This is a Moment Podcast | Hosted by Paige Elson and Imia Hawkins

Meet Paige Elson: Actor, Writer, and Comedian


Live from Los Angeles: Pop Culture, Music, Movies, TV, Millennials; ‘’This is a Moment’ podcast. “A dynamic, fun, vital, honest (Like their Podcast, This is a Moment)  interview. Well beyond the ‘shores’ of millennials!!”

Today on The Retirement Plan we're WAITING TO EXHALE with actor and writer Paige Elson.

Paige Elson (host of This is a Moment Podcast) joins hosts Allie and Mia as they cover the Rom-Com classic "My Best Friend’s Wedding" starring Julia Roberts, Dermot Mulroney, and Rupert Everett. They discuss Hollywood and hair, the movie stealing charisma of Rupert Everett, and if people make marriage pacts in real life?

On this week’s episode we’re discussing a groundbreaking game on the Nintendo 64 that brought our Pokémon to life. We’re joined by podcast host, writer, actor, and 209 standout Paige Elson to discuss Pokémon Stadium (2000).

The latest episode of Reactivaders is out now! Paige Elson joins us to review The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. We talk about completing video games, grunting, and retiring podcast segments.

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