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About Paige

Actress. Writer. Comedian.

Paige Elson is an actor and writer originally from Stockton, California, now based in Los Angeles. She is a staff writer for seasons twelve and thirteen of sketch comedy show Studio C which has over 2 million subscribers on YouTube. Look out for her sketches in the fall of 2020! Paige is also a writer on UCB Maude team Hail Mary. You can see her sketches live every month at UCB Sunset. Hail Mary also performed at Austin’s Out of Bounds Comedy Festival in August 2019. Paige is also an improviser and you can see her performing with UCB Mess Hall team Aunt Becky on Sunday nights in the UCB Inner Sanctum. She was previously on Mess Hall team Payday last season. You can also see her performing with her indie improv team KNIFESTAB! who hosts The Shut Up Men Show--an improv show where everyone can play, but not everyone can speak. They have performed throughout LA including in the LA Indie Improv Festival. If this hasn’t convinced you that Paige likes comedy yet, you can also catch her on all female indie improv team Sandra OMG.


Even though Paige does a lot of crazy live comedy shows, she received her BA in Theater with an emphasis in Acting from Pepperdine University, so she treats all forms of theater very seriously and will never let people forget to respect the theater. Paige is also the co-creator and star of comedic web-series 2’s Company & Stuff . which can be viewed on YouTube. You might recognize Paige from a Refinery29 sugaring video where she regretfully talks about how hairy she is.