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About Paige

Paige Elson is an actress, writer and improviser originally from Stockton, California. Don't worry, she got out of that town as soon as she could and went on to get her BA in Theatre with an emphasis in Acting from Pepperdine University and graduated Cum Laude. I mention "BA in Theatre" and now you're worried again huh? Well don't, because Paige is also the creator of comedic web-series 2’s Company & Stuff which she wrote, produced, and starred in.

Don't think web-serieses are cool? Well don't worry, Paige is a writer on UCB Maude team Hail Mary and a performer on UCB Mess Hall team Aunt Becky. She was also on Mess Hall team Payday. Paige is also on improv team, KNIFESTAB!  who hosts improv show The Shut Up Men Show; A show where anyone can perform but not everyone can talk. They have performed at the LA Indie Improv Festival two years in a row and were met with great reviews. Let me guess. You don't think improv or sketch is cool and you're still worried about Paige? 


Comedy is Paige's favorite form of storytelling. Maybe you should be worried. When she's not memorizing lines, Paige likes likes to eat. She will try almost any food. Paige looks forward to one day acting alongside one of her favorite comedians, Julia Louis-Dreyfus.