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Paige's Show and Tell is a comedy series created by Paige Elson featuring candid interviews from her peers and comedy sketches ranging from the topical to the trivial. You will meet a crazy cast of characters as well as gain insight to different experiences through the combined medium of interviews and sketch comedy.

Episode 1 Sketches: PERIODT App and Cotton Swab Commercial

Episode 2 Sketches: Keke's Hot Greens and 2 Girls Don't Go to a Party

Episode 3 Sketches: Wild Takes from a Conservative Black Woman and Don't Cry at Work

Directed by Paige Elson
Written by Paige Elson
Director of Photography: Tara Jenkins
Editor: Bri Chmielewski
Starring: Paige Elson, April Rock, Imia Hawkins, Nyah Wilson,  Lexie Tankersley, Dyani Rejae, Olive Bieni,  Chelsie Blackwell, and Dylan Thiffault

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